Why called Inverclyde

Many people ask why our National Sports Training Centre is called Inverclyde when it is based in North Ayrshire. The name doesn't relate to geography but to Lord Inverclyde, the President of the Scottish Council for Physical Recreation (SCPR), who had a vision to establish a home for Scottish sport.

In 1956 the SCPR received a grant from the King George VI Foundation to buy the Hill House Hotel and surrounding land in the seaside town of Largs.  In a beautiful setting with stunning views of the Firth of Clyde, yet still within easy reach of the central belt of Scotland, it was an ideal location to establish a residential sports training centre.

The aim to create a centre to encourage more people from all over the country to take part in physical activity and training in facilities of the highest calibre.  The centre would cater for people of all ages, occupations and abilities.  And that's what it did, and still does today.




Date published: 01 December 2016
Date updated: 06 March 2017