We offer a range of gymnastics classes, suitable for children from 10 months old plus.  Whatever your ability or standard, our gymnastics initiative has a class to suit your needs.

Our gymnastics classes are now paid via direct debit monthly - no need for priority rebooking.  This means you will no longer be paying varying amounts for blocks of classes.

When you join our classes as a new customer you will need to pay 2 months up front to allow time for your direct debit to be set up.

1 hour classes - £13 per month

1.5 hour classes - £19.50 per month

2 hour classes - £26 per month

Customers should note that the direct debit amount is one twelfth of the annual payment based on 39 weeks of activity throughout the year. Direct debit classes are currently priced at £4.00 per hour.

Gymnastics class schedule

Date published: 15 November 2016
Date updated: 27 January 2017