Gymnastics restart

Our new gymnastics programme will be restarting on 30 August 2021.

Please read our FAQs regarding the gymnastics programme and if you have any further questions please get in touch with our customer service team on 01475 674 666 or

Our new gymnastics programme will restart on 30 August.  Please see our class timetable.


We will be returning to our previous direct debit process once our new programme is up and running.  You must pay your first month up front when joining and your first direct debit will be taken from 1 October 2021.

The cost of the gymnastics across the year is split up in to monthly payments.  1 hour classes will be £13.50 per month and 1.5 hour classes will be £20.25 per month.

What is the new procedure for arriving at class?

Our centre is no longer operating a one way system and adults are permitted in to the building with their children.  Please arrive for class no longer than 5 minute prior to the class and children should stay with their adult on their way to and from the gymnastics hall and keep left in the corridors.

Where do we pick up our children after class?

You must collect your children from outside the gymnastics hall.  The cafe will be open between 9am and 6pm if you wish to sit and wait with a refreshment.


Do children need to wear face coverings?

In line with Scottish Government guidance, all children under the age of 12 do not need to wear face coverings in public places.

What about shoes and coats?

Within the gymnastics facility there are storage units provided for all the children to store their bags and shoes.

What can they bring with them?

We require all participants to bring a suitable bag that all personal items can be stored in during their class. In addition, participants should bring a face covering and a filled water bottle for their personal use. Please do not bring any additional unnecessary personal items.

Will there be any changes to the class delivery?

Yes, in accordance with Scottish Government and governing body guidelines, coaches are unable to physically support gymnasts during the class. Our coaches will amend their coaching style and class content to ensure the class is safe and suitable for the level of each gymnast. Each class will be delivered by a dedicated coaching team, or bubble, with no integration with other class participants. Our coaching staff will be wearing face-coverings and adhering to social distancing protocols throughout the duration of all classes.

What are the hygiene measures that will implemented?

The gymnastics facility has been adapted to ensure appropriate hygiene measures can be implemented. Throughout the facility hand sanitisers are located for participants to use throughout the duration of the class, in addition to scheduled cleaning procedures that will be conducted by the coaching staff and National Centre cleaning contractors. Participants will be encouraged to hand sanitise regularly between activity areas and equipment, with the coaching staff performing regular equipment cleaning.

What are the arrangements for access to toilets?

There are reduced toilet facilities in operation at the centre, please encourage your child to use the toilet prior to arrival. For those that require the use of a toilet, there is one located inside the gymnastics facility for the sole use of gymnasts. Coaches will encourage heightened hygiene and hand washing throughout the session.

Date published: 30 October 2020
Date updated: 20 August 2021