Gymnastics restart

We will shortly be relaunching our recreational gymnastics at sportscotland National Centre Inverclyde.  Due to ongoing restrictions and guidance on indoor sports activity issued by the Scottish Government, as well as new operating procedures put in place to ensure the safety of all involved, this will be with a limited class programme and reduced numbers.

Initially, we will only be operating a programme for our previous gymnasts with no new members accepted at this time.

Due to social distancing and the aforementioned guidance on indoor non-contact sport for children, we are unfortunately unable to resume our Gym Tots and Gym Cubs classes, at this time. Additionally, as different age dependent guidance exists for sports, we can only accommodate children 11 years and under within the programme.

More information on all of this can be found in our FAQs below. The programme looks very different to what we had prior to the COVID-19 restrictions and we have created these FAQs to support those customers returning for the first time.

Parents of all stage 1 & stage 2 gymnasts enrolled in the programme as of 20 March, will be contacted by phone by no later than 6 November.  Parents of all Gym Tots and Gym Cubs, along with parents of any child turning 12 on or before 31 December 2020 will receive an email communication directly.

Please read our FAQs regarding the gymnastics programme restart and if you have any further questions please get in touch with our customer service team on 01475 674 666 or

How has the programme changed?

During this time, we are following Scottish Government guidance on social distancing and indoor non-contact sport for children. We are therefore unable to run our Gym Tots and Gym Cubs classes. These classes involve either adults being with their children which is restricted at the moment or under-5s being required to socially distance from our coaches, which again, wouldn’t be possible for the programme.

Due to social distancing guidelines and guidance for sport for over 12s we can only accommodate children under 12 at this time. This is because children over 12 must socially distance from each other and the coaches and they may be in a mixed age group.  If children is due to turn 12 up to 31 December 2020 they will not be able to attend class at the moment.

We have also reduced the number of classes and allowed for time in between leaving and arriving to allow this to happen safely.

Please see the Scottish Government website for more information.

When will you be able to run a full programme again?

We must follow Scottish Government guidelines and tier restrictions as we move forward, and we will evaluate the programme at every step. It is our plan to have a full recreational programme return to the centre when it is viable to do so.

My child was due to move up to Stage 1/Primary 1 – what happens now?

At the moment we cannot move children up from Gym Cubs to Stage 1. We will remove your bank details from our system in accordance with GDPR legislation (unless you have another child or membership with us) however to ensure that we can give you first chance at a place once we are able to run a full programme. Please submit your contact details to us and we will stay in touch. (external link)

We can no longer make the new time for the class – what can we do?

We are unable to run as full a programme as we have previously due to COVID-19 restrictions. If you are unable to take the place being offered, and no other suitable class space is available, then unfortunately at this time we will have to remove your child from the class list. Your child will placed on a waiting list and offered an opportunity to join another class when a space becomes available.

My child can return, will the direct debit be restarted?

Due to the changes that have taken place this year we require to change the way you pay for the programme on a temporary basis. Previously we implemented a direct debit process in which 39 weeks of gymnastics classes were split across the full year resulting in a set monthly payment even during the summer months and holidays. Due to classes being stopped since March we cannot operate this model at the time being. Please see the temporary payment details below:

  • Your first direct debit will be taken on the 1 December 2020.
  • All classes in November will be complimentary
  • The direct debit amount taken will include the number of classes delivered in that month rather than a spread-out cost
  • Class prices will remain at: Stage 1 £4 per class, Stage 2 £6 per class
  • Any classes cancelled by the centre will receive a reduction to the next direct debit
  • Monthly direct debit amounts will be shared in advance with customers
  • No refunds will be given if customers cancel

You will receive all of the payment information in writing to the email address we have on file for you. If you do not receive this, please contact reception who will check your email address for you.

Will we always have to pay for classes in this way going forward?

We will be retaining our direct debit process however we see this as a temporary measure until March 2021. After this time we hope to be able to return to our standard monthly payment method although this will be reviewed closer to the time and customers will be communicated with directly regarding this.

What if my child misses a class?

We cannot refund any classes that your child misses for any reason, including self isolation, or, for children resident in a local authority other than North Ayrshire if restrictions limit travel.

If the centre has to cancel classes for any reason then your direct debit will be adjusted to reflect this the following month.

What if I want to stop coming to classes?

We would advise you to notify us in writing that you wish your child to be removed from the class list. Once you have been removed from the class list, if you ever wish to return you will be classed as a new customer.

What is the new procedure for arriving at class?

Similar to that of primary school drop offs, we are asking that no adults enter the building with the children at drop off time. Children should be brought, by an adult, to the main entrance from the car park and there the children will be met by a member of our coaching team at the main door and directed downstairs to the gymnastics coaches in our gymnastics waiting area (previously the café).  Adults must then immediately leave to allow for others to be dropped off. Children SHOULD NOT come to the entrance without an adult.

Children will meet with their gymnastics coach and line up in preparation to be walked round to the gymnastics hall. We ask that children are dropped off no earlier than 10 minutes before their class. Please ensure you arrive no later than the scheduled start time, our procedures require classes to run to an agreed timescale and format. Access to your child’s class cannot be guaranteed for late arrivals.

Where do we pick up our children after class?

All children will leave the building via our ground floor exit – this is our new one-way system exit for all customers. This exit is near our café, opposite the lifts. If you are driving to the centre for pick-up please park in our main car park and walk back down the hill and round the front of the glass wall to get to the new exit. Please DO NOT park on the hill as this will be a safety hazard for everyone trying to exit the building. Please ensure your child is picked up at the scheduled start time, our procedures require classes to run to an agreed timescale and format.

Can the children get changed in the centre?

All changing facilities are currently closed within the centre. We ask that participants arrive ready to take part. However, we would ask that all children wear clothing over their leotards as the new ventilation system means that it may be colder in the hall than normal at the start of classes. We recommend participants wear jogging/legging trousers and a non-hooded sports sweatshirt over their normal gymnastics attire. Participants should arrive wearing footwear that they can take on and off independently as coaching staff will not be able to assist. Additionally, those that require to do so must arrive with their hair suitably secured and tied back. No jewellery should be worn.

Do children need to wear face coverings?

In line with Scottish Government guidance, all children over the age of 5 must wear face coverings in public places, this includes inside the centre in the corridors. Their face covering can be removed once inside the gymnastics hall. If your child is exempt from wearing a face covering, please ensure they attend with a recognised exemption card or lanyard.

What about shoes and coats?

Within the gymnastics facility there are storage units provided for all the children to store their bags and shoes.

What can they bring with them?

We require all participants to bring a suitable bag that all personal items can be stored in during their class. In addition, participants should bring a face covering and a filled water bottle for their personal use. Please do not bring any additional unnecessary personal items.

Will there be any changes to the class delivery?

Yes, in accordance with Scottish Government and governing body guidelines, coaches are unable to physically support gymnasts during the class. Our coaches will amend their coaching style and class content to ensure the class is safe and suitable for the level of each gymnast. Each class will be delivered by a dedicated coaching team, or bubble, with no integration with other class participants. Our coaching staff will be wearing face-coverings and adhering to social distancing protocols throughout the duration of all classes.

What are the hygiene measures that will implemented?

The gymnastics facility has been adapted to ensure appropriate hygiene measures can be implemented. Throughout the facility hand sanitisers are located for participants to use throughout the duration of the class, in addition to scheduled cleaning procedures that will be conducted by the coaching staff and National Centre cleaning contractors. Participants will be encouraged to hand sanitise regularly between activity areas and equipment, with the coaching staff performing regular equipment cleaning.

What are the arrangements for access to toilets?

There are reduced toilet facilities in operation at the centre, please encourage your child to use the toilet prior to arrival. For those that require the use of a toilet, there is one located inside the gymnastics facility for the sole use of gymnasts. Coaches will encourage heightened hygiene and hand washing throughout the session.

Date published: 30 October 2020
Date updated: 03 November 2020