Governing bodies and clubs

Our inclusive, flexible training venue is the perfect base for governing bodies and clubs to run training courses and development camps. It’s also a great place to hold sports events, conferences, award ceremonies, and coach education and development workshops.

The centre’s strong relationships with governing bodies and clubs continue to be nurtured through collaborative working, and we are fully committed to supporting your goals.


The centre’s environment is ideal for having uninterrupted time away to concentrate on various aspects of sport.  Whether the focus is on individual or team training, continued learning or future planning, Inverclyde is the perfect retreat.

Access agreements

One of the advantages we offer to SGBs and clubs is the option to enter into an access agreement. This option is ideal if you have planned programmes and need to use the centre on a regular basis, as it allows you to secure the facility for your preferred dates and times.  Agreements are based on the centres priorities and capacity.  Conditions apply.

Meeting rooms

Access to a meeting room (1-4) can be arranged at no additional cost when you book accommodation together with catering and sports facility hire for a day.

In order to tailor a suitable set up for your group please email or phone on 01475 674 666.

Designed with your sport in mind

Our offering to Gymnastics

Our offering to Rugby

Our offering to Football

Our offering to Indoor Sports

Date published: 06 October 2016
Date updated: 18 June 2021