Phoenix Gymnastics Club

Why did you choose the national centre?

We previously held several camps in Largs prior to its redevelopment annually between 2004 -2014. This year as we had several younger gymnasts eligible to travel we opted to return to Largs both for its proximity to Dublin, but more importantly we knew we were going to a child friendly environment.

It was great to see the upgraded facilities in what was our first visit since the redevelopment. What made the trip so good was to see several staff members who were there in our previous 12 visits. Indeed the first person we met was a staff member from the ‘old house’ who gave us a warm ‘welcome back’.


No residential centre that we have visited have staff that come close to your team!!! It was a 5-star camp." Tom Dillon, 
Phoenix Gymnastics Club

Tell us about your overall experience

Overall a very good experience made all the more pleasant by the staff and good weather.

The gymnastics hall is well equipped and caters for gymnasts of all levels. Having the gym to ourselves during allotted training times meant we were able to organise training sessions to our needs and timetables.

Outside the gym the kids and coaches had access to other sport facilities including volleyball, badminton etc. in the main sports hall. The outdoor football court and the green areas around the house. The meeting room acted as a cinema on one of the evenings – always a help in rain or when people are in need of some down-time.
The food and accommodation were excellent. In particular the food variety and quality was excellent and the fact the kitchen catered for two of our gymnasts who had serious food allergies, meant stress free meal times.

The café meant people could have a quick coffee outside of meal time and, of course, a trip to Nardinis was a must.

Phoenix Gymnastics testimonial

What was a highlight of your visit

The ethos of the centre remains a very friendly atmosphere where coaches and young athletes are made welcome and are helped at every turn. This is down to the both your team and centre management. No residential centre that we have visited have staff that come close to your team!!! It was a 5-star camp.

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Date published: 13 May 2019
Date updated: 12 May 2022