Scottish Powerchair Football

Inaugural fixture for the Scottish National Team against Middlesbrough PFC

Why did you choose the national centre?

We chose the centre due to its outstanding facilities. To the best of our knowledge it’s the only venue in Scotland capable of hosting 20 Powerchair users with fantastic changing facilities and well-designed spacious and fully accessible rooms. Having everything in one place was a big factor in our selection of the venue.

Tell us about your overall experience

The overall experience from start to finish was nothing short of exceptional. Staff could not have been more helpful when organising the event and accommodated a few special requests that helped make our event work so well. Staff also thought about our requirements prior to arrival advising on the best places to park, unload equipment and access facilities.

During our event one of our travelling players had an issue with a Powerchair that required us to drill the chair frame to repair it. Staff went out of their way to locate tools and equipment over a weekend to allow us to carryout the repair and get the visiting player on the pitch.

The facilities for disabled individuals are second to none at the NSTC. All too often sports centres fail to provide suitable changing or toileting facilities for those that require additional support. This centre has been design with inclusion not just in mind but at the top of its list. Everyone was impressed at the standard of the facilities and the number of adapted changing areas.

Staff were on hand throughout our event, they were helpful, friendly and genuinely cared about the experience we as a group had at the venue.

We really cannot rate the facilities, staff and venue highly enough. The centre is a benchmark sports facility.

This centre has been design with inclusion not just in mind but at the top of its list.  The centre is a benchmark sports facility.

What was your highlight?

The event highlight for us had to be seeing the first ever-Scottish National Powerchair Football squad take to the pitch. The SPFA have worked hard over the past 5 years to realise a dream for many Scottish Powerchair users. The centre made the experience even easier and a pleasure to organise. We look forward to hosting many more events at the venue in the coming years and take pride that Scotland leads the way with such an impressive, inclusive and accessible sports centre.

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Date published: 31 January 2019
Date updated: 10 May 2022